J_____ Shanzikull is a Natter user originally established in the first iteration of the app, before it went bankrupt and before Neil re-opened it as a bitcoin farm masked as a dating app.

Notable features include randomly changing first name to any word beginning with the letter J, sometimes as topical references, taken from other users' suggestions or picked from unrelated posts, as well as the daily "morning selfie".

Personality Edit

Shanzikull absolutely has a personality, honest. His ego will eclipse the sun and he is known for self advertisement and writing a whole wiki page about himself in the third person. The rest is classified. I'm sorry. I promise the information really is there though, okay? I just can't write it down, you don't have the clearance for it.

First Name Edit

The recurring trend of changing his first name to random "J" words began shortly after his return to Natter, post re-opening. Originally, he used a loose translation of his legal name, as he is known to close friends, but soon a joke referencing the "identity theft" scene from The Office, evolved into this name-changing practice.

Shanzikull has been recognized for his sizable alias collection at the Natter Awards 2017.

J Shanzikull's Acceptance Speech @ Natter Awards 2017 Fuck Neil Stanley

J Shanzikull's Acceptance Speech @ Natter Awards 2017 Fuck Neil Stanley

Morning Selfies Edit

IMG 20171028 114349

A standard, formatted morning selfie

Carrying the tradition from his pre-reopening Natter days, Shanzikull posts a selfie as a daily routine. The selfies are always captioned "Good morning, friends!!!" and feature him holding up a peace sign. The setting and additional features of the selfie will vary but it gets to a point where they all look the same and you kinda wonder if they're not reposts because, I mean, he's almost always wearing the same shirt and at home, with generally the same expression. He could actually repost a selfie one day and nobody would know. That would actually be hilarious, can you imagine? Holy shit lmao

External Links Edit

In addition to Natter shitposting, Shanzikull shitposts on other social media and also makes gaming videos. Maybe one day he'll have a job.