Officer shitpost is a malevolent entity, born only to bring chaos and ruin to the world.

Succ Orb was able to call upon his powers and become his vessel after reciting an incantation, drawing forbidden sigils and using their ritual dagger.

Creation Edit

Officer Shitpost was born alongside Mr Manhands when a single egg from Mr Malfunction's hank sacc hatched. As such, Mr Manhands is considered to be Shitpost's twin and cosmic counterpart.

The two are destined to be eternal rivals, their conflicts helping to uphold the delicate balance of the universe.

Physical Description Edit

Officer Shitpost took a form of titanic shadows, presumably a corrupted form of their vessel, Succ Orb the goblin shark. Officer Shitpost was said to have mighty jaws filled with millions of obsidian teeth, and wings of shadow so huge they eclipsed the sun over the entirety of natter.

Ideals Edit

Officer Shitpost is apparently "an embodiment of all sin, especially sloth." This means that while they are a being of pure darkness, they are also very lazy, preferring to wait it out rather than engage in conflict (unless it is with his ultimate enemy, Mr Manhands)

He also clamied to shun almonds, along with any other nutritious good, claming that sugary beverages were "WHERE IT'S AT."

First Appearance Edit

See Succ Orb#first ascension

Second Appearance Edit

See Hin War

Third Appearance, and supposed death Edit

to fight Mr Manhands, who in turn was called upon to fight x x.

Joshua offered Officer Shitpost some Iced Tea, which he happily drank. The tea was later revealed to be laced with Aglaophotis.This weakened Shitpost enough for Mr Manhands to defeat him.

After the shadows tore themselves from Succ Orb's body, Succ Orb realized that maybe their bond with Officer Shitpost was a bad idea. They purchased a seal from Zoltor in exchange for 30 demon souls, in an attempt to keep Shitpost away forever.

It should be noted, however, that evil never truly dies. Officer Shitpost may be gone for now

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