Mr Manhands is a benevolent entity, akin to santa, but with hands instead of Christmas presents.

Creation Edit

Mr Manhands was born alongside Officer Shitpost when a single egg from Mr Malfunction's hank sacc hatched. As such, Officer Shitpost is considered to be Manhand's unholy twin and cosmic counterpart.

The two are destined to be eternal rivals, their conflicts helping to uphold the delicate balance of the universe.

Appearance Edit

Mr Manhands appears as roughly humanoid fellow with shredded abs and a a coat full of hands. Many man-hands are attached to his body and grow off of him like fruit. He can remove these hands painlessly at will, and bestow them upon any man he deems worthy.

The tale of Mr Manhands Edit

Mr Manhand's role in the cosmos was explained by his disciple, Ereptile Malfunction, in a series of posts as follows:

"Every day Mr manhands grows enough hands fir[sic] all the men in the lands" "He sends them down so all the men wake up with brand new hands in their bedd[sic]" "In exchange he takes tour[sic] old hands to feed on"

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