King Tut

Gender: Gender Neutral

Interested in: Both

About Me: Call me beep me and Im 18 dont misconstrued me KING TUT

Frog pal but uses caterpillar emoji and various other emojis for my secret gay code and also to communicate with Mi Amor

Always sends snapchats hmu for snapchat tho


THIS IS THE STORY ALL ABOUT HOW MY LIFE GOT FLIPPED TURNED UPSIDE DOWN. King Tut first downloaded the hell app that is natter in February or March... They've been married twice once to Lex and currently to Yosepha. Yosepha is the light of Tuts life and only great weakness. Tut loves starting god wars and discourse but is still friendly. IS NOT A FURRY AND WOULDNT FUCK CATS! If users Krungle, Fluff, Norbert, Woah There™ say something about King it is most likely a lie. Tut really loves everyone on shitsite except people who blocked me 🅱️uck yall

i love hurgle hurgle'/ so great WOO HURGLE BEST FRIEND