Hin's Return started when someone said the word "Hin" again. Of course.

A good handful of people started chanting Hin's name, in hopes they would return. Krungle came on late and saw the chaos, telling everyone that resurrecting Hin was not worth it. Shortly thereafter, Hin returned, using Fluff as a vessel. Hin was offered a position as deity of Flavortown (see "Him" War) but Krungle did not approve of this. Krungle ascended and transported the realm of Flavortown to Krungle's own dimension "The Monster Factory".

Pharah and ascended Guy Fieri? fought to protect Hin and maintain control over Flavortown in this harsh new dimension. Jak Skellington tried to entice Fluff out of the form of Hin.

This God War was short lived, only 30 minutes or so, due to the fact Fluff reverted back to their original form and posted the vague and mildly distressing post. Everyone stopped what they were doing immediately to console Fluff and figure out what was wrong/who upset them.

Fluff knows not the power they yield. They can stop a God War dead in its tracks with a single post. Truly it is something to be admired.

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