He ded

on (date), gummy was possessed by Neil.

On (date) the fuck police joined forces with Neil to put all who said fuck in natter jail to be executed.

Everyone kept saying fuck, and Tracer lead the rebellion with protection from owo, Amanda, and others.

The fuck police said fuck and then lost all credibility, sacrificed himself to the copping block.

Tracer wasn't satisfied and wanted to free gummy from Neil's grasp.

Gummy fought for control while Tracer tried to offer her power

Tracer had to ascend to continue supplying energy to gummy

Gummy found a gun and shot the body Neil had possessed.

Tracer unascended and died from overexertion

Amanda tried to revive both of them, others joined hands with her to help

Tracer's body remained dead but her spirit survived.

Gummy remained dead

There was an intermission

Tracer and Amanda were brainstorming to revive gummy

The started by summing Satan

They also tried a bike pump, but it made Gummy's body bounce around

They caught up when gummy went in a basketball hoop

Meanwhile Amanda, Mr hug alout and Satan had a family reunion.

Tracer asked Satan to fix her body and give up Gummy's soul

Satan repaired Tracer's body while she started getting bored and almost lost patience with saving gummy

Tracer got her body back, gummy came back alive

Gummy however was still full of air from the bike pump